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Dixon's No Dig Organic Veges

Dixon's No Dig Organic Veges

Details  Faced with a surge of interest in healthy fresh vegetables and home deliveries, the Dixons realised they needed to improve the efficiency of their ordering process.
Setting up a dedicate produce ordering system with customer accounts and credit card processing has resulted in time savings, improved data accuracy and provided valuable insight into purchasing habits and product popularity.
Quote  Thank so much for the website we are loving all of the features. Straightforward to navigate. Perfect!
Project Type  Product managemnet and retail
Location  Cheviot (Gore Bay), North Canterbury
Tags    Retail  Customer  CRM  Payments  Ordering 
The Apple Guy - business intelligence

The Apple Guy - business intelligence

Details  With multiple stores and employees, The Apple Guy uses our web based customer management and billing system to track inventory, issue invoices, record customer payments and calculate employee commissions.
Quote  The Apple Guy has been using the doLithe CRM system for over two years now. The system has helped the company grow from the "owner operator" to eleven staff and two ground floor shops in this short period of time. We are using the CRM to keep track of our clients, client accounts, stock levels, to record shop sales, daily balances and reports for stock ordering and performance tracking. Olmec has been able to extend the system to meet our growing demands every time within only few days and with very reasonable cost. We are extremely happy with the product and the service and are more than willing to talk to anyone about our experience and journey considering the system for their business.
Milan Mogin
Business owner
The Apple Guy Group Limited
Project Type  Web based customer billing
Location  Wellington