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Throw away your invoice book & go digital with comprehensive web based customer account management

Keep track of all your client interactions, from initial contact to post-sale support

Easily access customer account, communication history, and important details

Designed for contractors, self employed or small business operators


Don't let the complexities of small business management hold you back.

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Manage charges & payments

Manage charges & payments

  • Create orders / invoices based on products and services
  • Record payments against customer accounts to track who owes, who is up-to-date and who is in credit.
  • Download payments from your bank account and import them directly into your site to assign payments to individual customers.
  • Customers and account managers can view transaction history. This shows all charges and payments recorded against the account in an easy to see layout.
Email and invoicing

Email and invoicing

Print documents or send by email to your clients.
Use templates to generate personalised invoices, reminders, account notifications and other documents.
Schedule email messages to be sent to particular clients at certain times and at regular intervals.

Manage repeat billing

Ideal for repeat charges such as memberships and scheduled services. Set up repeat billing for automated charging at specified daily, monthly or yearly intervals.
Data analysis and reporting

Data analysis and reporting

Gain valuable insights into your business performance with comprehensive reporting tools.
Track customer purchases, communications, and related information with ease.
Make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations and drive success.
Export data charting and spreadsheet software such as Excel.
Secure access, online, anywhere, any time

Secure access, online, anywhere, any time

This software runs over the internet and can be accessed securely from any internet capable computer.
Whether you're in the office, on the go, or working remotely, your data is securely stored and accessible on any device with an internet connection.
  • No special software to install or update
  • No backups required
  • Easy to use

Happy Customers

Flexible solutions customised for your business needs

Market and sell product direct to your customers

Generate quotes, collect payments, process orders and invoices

Track and manage stock, inventory, staff commissions, account transactions and more

Make use of web based retail and reporting tools to improve business productivity and profitability


Device Repair Guy - business intelligence

Device Repair Guy - business intelligence

Details   With multiple stores and employees, The Device Repair Guy uses web based customer management and billing systems to track inventory, issue invoices, record customer payments and calculate employee commissions.
Quote   The Device Repair Guy has been using the doLithe CRM system for over two years now. The system has helped the company grow from the "owner operator" to eleven staff and two ground floor shops in this short period of time. We are using the CRM to keep track of our clients, client accounts, stock levels, to record shop sales, daily balances and reports for stock ordering and performance tracking.

Olmec has been able to extend the system to meet our growing demands every time within only few days and with very reasonable cost. We are extremely happy with the product and the service and are more than willing to talk to anyone about our experience and journey considering the system for their business.

Milan Mogin - Business owner
The Device Repair Guy Group Limited
Project Type   Web based customer billing
Location   Wellington
Tags     billing  invoicing  crm  ecommerce  retail  products  reporting 
Little Owl - Organic Vege Box Sales

Little Owl - Organic Vege Box Sales

Details   Michael Voumard employs doLithe's web based ordering system. This allows his customers to order from available produce and creates a detailed picking and packing list for staff to fulfill the weekly deliveries.
Quote   The doLithe system has enabled major time saving for my direct sale vegetable business, both in simplifying the product available for the week and then for the invoicing and payment tracking. The most impressive thing was Olmec's ability to TOTALLY customise the mechanics to work with all my operating constraints.
Project Type   Product ordering, payment processing, and customer management
Location   Cheviot (Gore Bay), North Canterbury
Tags     ecommerce  retail  products 
Blockhill - Information and Booking

Blockhill - Information and Booking

Details   Located in North Canterbury, the blockhill project is aimed at low impact, ecofriendly living and renewable energy production.
The website makes use of online retail and customer management tools for selling garden products, accommodation and education services.
Project Type   Branding & web development
Location   North Canterbury
Tags     education  rural  retail  product 
Dixon's No Dig Organic Veges

Dixon's No Dig Organic Veges

Details   Faced with a surge of interest in healthy fresh vegetables and home deliveries, the Dixons realised they needed to improve the efficiency of their ordering process.
Setting up a dedicate produce ordering system with customer accounts and credit card processing has resulted in time savings, improved data accuracy and provided valuable insight into purchasing habits and product popularity.
Quote   Thank so much for the website we are loving all of the features. Straightforward to navigate. Perfect!
Project Type   Product managemnet and retail
Location   Cheviot (Gore Bay), North Canterbury
Tags     Retail  Customer  CRM  Payments  Ordering