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Dixon's No Dig Organic Veges

Dixon's No Dig Organic Veges

Details  Faced with a surge of interest in healthy fresh vegetables and home deliveries, the Dixons realised they needed to improve the efficiency of their ordering process.
Setting up a dedicate produce ordering system with customer accounts and credit card processing has resulted in time savings, improved data accuracy and provided valuable insight into purchasing habits and product popularity.
Quote  Thank so much for the website we are loving all of the features. Straightforward to navigate. Perfect!
Project Type  Product managemnet and retail
Location  Cheviot (Gore Bay), North Canterbury
Tags    Retail  Customer  CRM  Payments  Ordering 
Cheviot Tearooms

Cheviot Tearooms

Details  Adapting to the COVID-19 situation, the Cheviot Tearooms established a website to allow them to continue trading, offering their range of homemade food and coffee online.
Project Type  Website build and host
Location  Cheviot
Tags    Retail  Customer  Product