Vege box sales system

Get up and running fast with your own online 'shop'
  • Manage your products, pricing and stock
  • Customers select produce or choose a preset box
  • Easy order management with picking and packing list
  • Multiple payment methods, including credit card
  • Customer database and communication tools
  • Public or private access
  • Business specific customisation available

Streamlined operations

At the beginning of each ordering period, do a stock take of your produce to determine what will be made available for sale. Update the website by hiding and showing available produce and setting quantities as required. For popular items you can even specify limits so everyone gets a chance to purchase some, avoiding latecomers missing out.

The shop section of the site is 'opened' for ordering and customers notified with a personalised message.

Shopping can be restricted to existing customers if you have limited stock or open to the general public.

Customers browse the 'shop', select their desired produce (or box type) and choose their preferred delivery option (for a fee) or pickup location. A variable packing fee determined by the value of their order can also be applied.

At a preset time the shop closes and no further ordering is possible.


Efficient packing

When it comes time to head out to the fields a picking sheet is produced showing how many of each item is required to fulfill all the orders.

Invoices doubling as packing lists are printed, added to boxes and used to ensure each box gets loaded with the correct produce and included in the appropriate delivery run.


Financial management

Customers pay for their purchases by internet banking or credit card with all transactions tracked on the website. Account credits, coupons, individual discount rates and other pricing adjustments are available if required.

Integrated reporting helps you learn over time, giving an overview of which produce is most popular and profitable as well as customer spending habits and much more.


Dixon's No Dig Organic Veges

Dixon's No Dig Organic Veges

Details   Faced with a surge of interest in healthy fresh vegetables and home deliveries, the Dixons realised they needed to improve the efficiency of their ordering process.
Setting up a dedicate produce ordering system with customer accounts and credit card processing has resulted in time savings, improved data accuracy and provided valuable insight into purchasing habits and product popularity.
Quote   Thank so much for the website we are loving all of the features. Straightforward to navigate. Perfect!
Project Type   Product managemnet and retail
Location   Cheviot (Gore Bay), North Canterbury
Tags     Retail  Customer  CRM  Payments  Ordering 
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