Olmec Sinclair

Professional background and technical experience


The early years

After graduating from Christchurch Polytechnic with a Certificate in Business computing in 1999, I migrated to Wellington where I worked in several government departments. Initially my work focused on desktop application development, office automation and database systems.

As the dot com bubble grew, my work shifted into the online space where I worked in a startup creating a web platform for online retail (ecommerce as it was called). It was in this role that I began to develop my digital design capabilities, user interface and web development skills.


Mixing it up

Inevitably I decided it was time to do the 'startup' thing myself and partnered with a good friend to create a web platform for data sharing, online retail and customer management. This was more of a lifestyle choice than a get rich quick scheme as the technology finally enabled global connectedness and access for working from anywhere. This allowed me to travel and work my way through Australia and South East Asia during most of 2004 as well as numerous extended trips exploring the fringes of NZ.

On and off I worked in contract positions and even a 7 year full time position helping companies with similar projects, designing and building database driven web applications and software for online business. Some of these projects were quite large, involving teams of many people spread all over the place.


Modern times

After leaving the city and relocating to my rural retreat I have continued to pursue IT as a lifestyle business and now work to provide small business web solutions and support services to my local community and beyond.


How I can help you Let's talk


Remote support

Remote support

Get affordable remote support for your computer and IT issues
(Requires a working internet connection)

Olmec has been providing technical support services to the rural community since 2010

How does a remote support session work?
  • Make an appointment using the button below or call to describe your problem
  • Discuss your problem to confirm a remote session is likely to resolve the issue
  • If you wish to start a remote session you will need to be in front of your computer with TeamViewer program installed
  • Start TeamViewer and supply password to grant access to your computer and share the screen
What does it cost?
  • No charge for initial discussion
  • You will be charged $1 per minute with a 50% discount if the problem can not be resolved to your satisfaction
  • Once the repair is complete you will be sent an invoice by email. This can be paid by internet banking or credit card